I was asked to come up with a video that incorporated ice cream into it in a way that linked it to real life.

It’s for a collective called the I SCREAM FACTORY which do very cool exhibitions using different mediums from photography to science.

I am doing a video in my video portraiture style using ice cream and kissing. Yes kissing. This will be a fun video to edit. I shot a few of my good friends, one of them a married couple (I didn’t force strangers to kiss this time, I know that’s all the rage at the moment, a haw haw guffaw).

My friend Nuno works in the Tea Building in Shoreditch which an amazing building that overlooks east London. They had all the equipment, wide open plan spaces with beautiful light and mostly importantly…a freezer. Important for ice cream maintenance. A lot of ice cream was consumed. 

I shot everything on Canon cameras using a wide angle for general shots and a macro lens for those beauty up close and personal licking shots. Sexy eh? I usually shoot Nikon so it was an interesting shift. They feel different. 

I’ll keep updating my progress on the video. This is the first time I’m doing a video for someone else to be a part of their exhibition and concept. Let’s see if I can pull it off for them!