My first self portrait. I finally bought myself a beautiful tripod, and so  I thought let’s see what I can do. Unfortunately it was very dark, and I don’t think it’s a great photo, but you have to start somewhere. 

I’m not one for taking photos of myself, but I enjoy people photography. I’m on my lonesome, so for now I guess I shall be my own subject! 

Video Portrait of model Helena Linder.

I shot this in England on a perfect overcast bright day off Lowestoft Beach.

I hadn’t shot a female portrait yet, so I wanted to do it justice, but had a block. During the edit I wanted to put a more upbeat song to it, or a song that Helena herself liked. But I realised I had shot it almost as though it was a painting, and a soft, thoughtful track suited it more. Once I realised that, I finally had the inspiration to do it.

I  love tattoos myself so I wanted to put a bit of emphasis on the colour on her arms. Helena loves her two dogs Bonnie and Buddy so incorporated them too. My friend manned “Dog Cam” so my behind the scenes will be…energetic. 

Check out Helena’s Tumblr: